Adult Bible Studies

Christ Have Mercy DVD

A 5 session DVD series based on Rev. Matthew Harrison's book of the same title on how to put your faith into action.  Sessions include: The... More 

Christianity and the Competition

An 8 session DVD series with Dr. Paul Maier .  So many competing religions and philosophies...which is right?  A look at world religions, what... More 

Eating God's Sacrifice DVD

An 8 session DVD series which portrays the Lord's Supper through Old Testament sacrifices, featuring Dr. Daniel Brege.  Not only will this series... More 

From Sacrifice to Sacrament

A 4 session DVD study on Lutheran worship with Dr. Dean Nadasdy .  This series begins in the chancel area and we see the basics of Lutheranism...God... More 

Hammer of God

3 session DVD series on  Bo Giertz's best selling book .  A powerful moving historical drama that demonstrates the power of God's Word over... More 

How We Got the Bible

A 5 session DVD series with Dr. Paul Maier.  The Bible has been called "The Greatest Story Ever Told."  But did you ever wonder where the Bible... More 

Joseph: Carpenter of Steel

A 4 session DVD series featuring Rev. Gregory Seltz .  The early chapters of Matthew and Luke give intriguing details about the principal players in... More 

Lost Books?

A 4 session video study in which experts examine why certain texts qualify as divinely inspired and others don't.  Features Rev. Gregory Seltz, Dr.... More 

Noah: The Man, the Ark, the Flood

In Genesis 6, Noah takes his task from God seriously.  Rev. Kurt Klaus addresses the issues of human longevity; feasibiity of building the ark;... More 

Out of Nothing

A 5 session DVD series featuring Rev. Steve Misch on The Word, Creation and Faith.  Explore God's Word about the creation of God's world and your... More 

Revelation: Testament of Hope

8 session DVD series on the Book of Revelation presented by Dr. Mark Brighton , professor of Biblical languages and literature at Concordia University,... More 

Saved By Grace

A 9 part DVD series on Lutheran Spirituality hosted by Dr. Gene Edward Veith .  Sessions include:  Justification with Dr. Karl Barth ;... More